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200ul Super Extra Length Rainin LTS Compatible Tips

Eikon Health Life 200ul Super Extra Length Rainin LTS Compatible Tips
  • Rainin LTS Compatible Tips


    “Brand trademark belongs to the original factory here only for quick reference and comparison of selection”


    • Name:Pipette Tips

    • Material:PP

    • Compatible Brand:Rainin LTS

    • Volume:200ul

    Product Picture 
    • Sterile/Non-Sterile
    • Filter/Non-Filter
    • Low Retention/General

    Product Catalog

    For more compatibility, please contact our service team


    200ul Super Length Rainin LTS Compatible Tips
    Model Cat# Volume Type Package
    E-LTS200ELCRF-S NA 200ul Rack.Filter.Sterile 96Tips/Rack.50Racks/Case
    E-LTS200ELCRF-SX NA 200ul Rack.Filter.Sterile.Low Retention 96Tips/Rack.50Racks/Case



    Comply with EU medical device quality management system standard: ISO 13485

    Perfectly adapted to majority pipettes in the market

    Leading medical grade polypropylene (PP) materials

    International standard level, low adsorption, low retention, no bending, high transparency

    High temperature resistance: 121°C for 30 minutes






    • Package
    • Filter
      With Filter;W/O Filter
    • Color
    • Volume
    • Retention
      General;Low Retention
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