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Deep Well Plates

High molecular polypropylene (PP) material, compliance with USP-6, stable chemical performance, chemical corrosion resistance;
2.2ml 96-well square-well plate can be applied to a variety of nucleic acid extractors;
Good flatness, can be transported long distance after sealing with sealing film;
High temperature resistance: 121 ° C for 20 minutes;
No DNase / RNase, no heat source, no endotoxin
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    Deep Well Plates



    High molecular polypropylene (PP) material, compliance with USP-6, stable chemical performance, chemical corrosion resistance;
    2.2ml 96-well square-well plate can be applied to a variety of nucleic acid extractors;
    Good flatness, can be transported long distance after sealing with sealing film;
    High temperature resistance: 121 ° C for 20 minutes;
    No DNase / RNase, no heat source, no endotoxinomply with EU medical device quality management system standard: ISO 13485



    Deep Well Plates
    Model Cat# Volume Type Package
    EDWP-96Z 800600001 2.2ml 96-square well Conical Bottom Deep Well Plates,Clear 5PCS/Bulk.10Bulks/Case
    EDWP-96U 800600009 2.2ml 96-square well Round Bottom Deep Well Plates,Clear 5PCS/Bulk.10Bulks/Case
    EDWP-96I 800600014 2.2ml 96-square well Conical Round Deep Well Plates,Clear 5PCS/Bulk.10Bulks/Case
    EDWP-96Z-T 800600013 2.2ml Tip comb for 96-square well Conical Bottom Deep Well Plates,Clear 10PCS/Bulk.10Bulks/Case
    Serological Pipets
    Model Cat# Volume Type Package
    ESP-1000YSF-S 800700001 1ml Yellow.Individual Package.Sterile.1/100 DivisionVolume Pack 1PCS/Pack.50PCS/Bulk.10 Bulks/Rack.6Racks/Case
    ESP-2000GSF-S 800700002 2ml Green.Individual Package.Sterile.1/100 DivisionVolume Pack 1PCS/Pack.50PCS/Bulk.10 Bulks/Rack.6Racks/Case
    ESP-5000BSF-S 800700003 5ml Blue.Individual Package.Sterile.1/10 DivisionVolume Pack 1PCS/Pack.50PCS/Bulk.10 Bulks/Rack.4Racks/Case
    ESP-10000OSF-S 800700004 10ml Orange.Individual Package.Sterile.1/10 DivisionVolume Pack 1PCS/Pack.50PCS/Bulk.8 Bulks/Rack.4Racks/Case
    ESP-25000RSF-S 800700005 25ml Red.Individual Package.Sterile.2/10 DivisionVolume Pack 1PCS/Pack.25PCS/Bulk.8 Bulks/Rack.3Racks/Case
    ESP-50000PSF-S 800700006 50ml Purple.Individual Package.Sterile.5/10 DivisionVolume Pack 1PCS/Pack.25PCS/Bulk.4 Bulks/Rack.3Racks/Case
    ESP-1000YSF-S(E) 800700007 1ml Yellow.Individual Package.Sterile.1/100 DivisionResearch Pack 1PCS/Pack.50PCS/Bulk.10Bulks/Case
    ESP-2000GSF-S(E) 800700008 2ml Green.Individual Package.Sterile.1/100 DivisionResearch Pack 1PCS/Pack.50PCS/Bulk.10Bulks/Case
    ESP-5000BSF-S(E) 800700009 5ml Blue.Individual Package.Sterile.1/10 DivisionResearch Pack 1PCS/Pack.50PCS/Bulk.10Bulks/Case
    ESP-10000OSF-S(E) 800700010 10ml Orange.Individual Package.Sterile.1/10 DivisionResearch Pack 1PCS/Pack.50PCS/Bulk.2Bulks/Case
    ESP-25000RSF-S(E) 800700011 25ml Red.Individual Package.Sterile.2/10 DivisionResearch Pack 1PCS/Pack.25PCS/Bulk.2Bulks/Case
    ESP-50000PSF-S(E) 800700012 50ml Purple.Individual Package.Sterile.5/10 DivisionResearch Pack 1PCS/Pack.25PCS/Bulk.2Bulks/Case



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