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PCR tube - PCR sing

Ultra thin wall thickness, optimal heat conductivity, uniform heating and  amplification of samples, extremely low sample and reagent adsorption, high sealing, low evaporation, easy opening and closing of pipe cover, moderate strength
High temperature resistance: 121℃ for 30 minutes
No DNase / RNase, no heat source, no endotoxin

    Product Introduction


    PCR tube-PCR single tube


    Comply with EU medical device quality management system standard: ISO 13485
    Imported medical grade high polymer polypropylene (PP)
    Ultra thin wall thickness, optimal heat conductivity, uniform heating and  amplification of samples, extremely low sample and reagent adsorption, high sealing, low evaporation, easy opening and closing of pipe cover, moderate strength
    High temperature resistance: 121℃ for 30 minutes
    No DNase / RNase, no heat source, no endotoxin
    PCR Single tube 
    Model Cat# Volume Type Package
    ETP-02-C 800900001 200ul PCR Single tube.Clear 1000PCS/Bulk.10Bulks/Case
    ETP-05-C 800900048 500ul PCR Single tube.Clear 1000PCS/Bulk.10Bulks/Case


    • Package
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